What will you do when the boundary between reality and fantasy collapses?

You and your friends are playing a simple tabletop game, adventuring in the fantasy world of Euchora. But strange things start happening to you. An unknown woman is visiting you in the night. Your friends have started to behave in strange, unusual ways. What is going on?

This game is a heavily story based Adult Visual Novel, in which you take on the role of the hero. Or, is it the anti hero? That is up to you! Through your choices in the game, you will either save the day, and stand proudly with those you love, or you will rule the darkness, with them kneeling at your feet. Oh, and maybe have a little fun with them along the way!

Experience an expansive world, built around a tabletop gaming experience. Meet new allies, fight new enemies. Can you resist the pull that is threatening to drag you down into the unknown depths?

Enjoy the music, sound effects, and atmosphere that has been built into the surroundings. Wind blowing through the trees. Birdsong as you travel. Crickets in the night. Foggy mornings, beautiful forests, and cursed lands await you.

This visual novel could literally be the script for an enjoyable fantasy movie. Adult content is secondary to the story. Love it!!!

"Excellent little AVN. Interesting (and fairly unique) story, with characters that feel real rather than mindless sexbots that will jump you in 5 minutes."

"Very good writing, great characters, and a fantastic story to boot. I'd play this game even without the boobs!"

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